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Glory Land Farms, LLC
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We Bring the Farm to You!​
Call to Schedule your Birthday Party, School Events, 
Day-cares, Corporate Events and Other functions

Please Call to Schedule your day.

Looking to buy a Sheep, Goat, Duck, Pig, 
Rabbit, Chicken, Donkey, or Miniature Horse.
Call David at 318-680-8844

Glory Land Farms offers a fun and educational presentation with both farm animals and cool animals. 
Our objective is to convey the love and care of animals in an enjoyable way!
We Bring the Farm to YOU!
Glory Land Farms, LLC
Petting Farm and Pony Rides
WAIVER AGREEMENT for Birthday Parties and Events

Glory Land Farms uses animals in which are exposed to humans daily and we know to be safe around children.  Our goal is for an enjoyable time for our clients and our animals. Glory Land Farms is not responsible for any bodily harm to those at the function or damage to property. You will assume full responsibility for the safety of those at your function, and hold harmless the workers of Glory Land Farms and their agents. The staff of Glory Land Farms strives for the safety of the children, adults and the animals at each event. Please keep in mind we are dealing with animals sometimes we may run a few minutes behind. We will call and let you know. We will always stay longer to makeup the time.
Thank you for yours understand. Glory Land Farms Staff